Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I don't really know what to write, because it seems like what I think will get me in further trouble. So perhaps it would be best just to write a litany of caveats and explanations.

I figure things out by writing about them and by talking them out. My opinions are often subject to change once I hear what other people think and interpret their points of view. What I say at the beginning of a conversation is often a jumping off point, and I frequently don't know my final thoughts on a subject when I begin exploring it.

Two, I won't censor myself on this site. Even if it is ill-timed or thoughtless, what I write here is genuine, and you can read it or not read it. However, I don't write for readers... I write for me, and the writing that I do here is a big chunk of what helps me figure things out. I would like to have the strength of character to say out loud all of the things that I think and write about, but one, that's not always a good idea, and two, they are still raw and unformed. Putting them down and being able to look back at them helps me to challenge their veracity and strength.

So, yes. I don't always say what I mean. But here, I mean what I say, even if I say it in a mean way.

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