Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It is so on

Summer time is here, and what is summer in Washington without music, beer and running around on the Mall dressed like a goober?

This week is an excellent kickoff to the Summer 2K5 FunFest. Lo and behold, Starr has turned me into an indie girl. Behold our 4 Concerts in 9 Days Extravaganza. Just goes to show, you can take the girl out of Ann Arbor...

June 7: Ryan Adams
June 8: The Killers, with Keane and a bunch of others (yeah, it's at Merriweather and not Vienna at an abandoned industrial slaughterhouse, but it'll do).
June 12: LCD Soundsystem and M.I.A. The former is all well and good, but I'm beyond excited for the latter. If you haven't heard her, she's a rapper whose music kind of sounds like African schoolchildren chanting to Missy Elliot beats. I really didn't know that I needed Sri Lankan dancehall music in my life until M.I.A.
June 16: Modest Mouse. 'Nuff said. Aren't I the dickens?

I also joined a summer/fall kickball league. Starting in July, I will officially be a 12 Stepper. There might even have to be the purchasing of a mouth guard. Let's be honest, though-- I'm in it for the flip cup tournaments.

The new job is going swimmingly-- people are lovely, work is interesting and fulfilling, and am treated with respect and kindness by everyone in office. Ahem. Wish, however, that was somehow able to transmit good office vibes over to those who are not having such luck with their employers. I remember only too well how tough that is, and how it colors everything else in your life, even the stuff that is supposed to be unrelated and separate from work.

Speaking of, much to do. Holla being useful!

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