Tuesday, July 05, 2005

bad blogger

Urgh. Head hurts. Too much Fourth of July fun.

Random moments from the last week, where I've been a bad blogger but a good worker bee and a very busy packer/mover/organizer:

-- The unique horror that is realizing that eight hours earlier you signed a lease on an apartment that has neither a dishwasher or washer/dryer.

-- Watching Starr and Hughes pee on the Young Christian Women's Home on the way back from the fireworks and getting disgusted looks from some Young Christian Women.

-- Wrestling the Couch from Hell down the steps and into the doorway after picking it up from a woman named MonaLisa in Alexandria, only to get it stuck in the bars, scrape it up on the concrete and mud, and still be unable to fit it in my goddamn entryway, leading us to eventually dump it in a heap outside Remley's apartment in the barrio.

-- Playing something like three consecutive hours of flipcup.

-- Trying to convince myself that I don't need cable, that I'll be just fine with NetFlix and good books and Internet access, only to realize after a day what spectacular bullshit that is.

-- Finally hearing my mother acknowledge out loud that which I have known for years-- my aunt is not a very nice person.

--Bidding goodbye to AnnaMo as she heads up to the great white north to become a wildly successful campaign finance director and star of independent cinema.

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