Tuesday, September 13, 2005

'ere, 'ave we run outta wine??

I mean, I liked Bridget Jones and Love Actually, but always preferred Hugh Grant to Colin Firth. Colin Firth was just... not as handsome. Not offensive-looking, sure, but I couldn't see actually stopping in my tracks to stare at him in a bar, the standard by which I judge movie stars for my List (currently featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, Joshua Jackson, Zach Braff, Brad Pitt and Lenny Kravitz) (shut up, I bet he's INCREDIBLE in bed).

But thanks to the delicious modern marvel that is Netflix, I spent this unexpectedly free night curled up with a bottle of wine and the BBC Pride and Prejudice. And... mlaaaah. Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy is so yummy that at one point I actually gasped. By myself. Out loud. Loudly enough to startle Sadie from her slumber and make her jump to the easy chair across the living room, where she's been suspiciously eyeing me ever since. He doesn't even need to speak. In fact, it's almost too much when there's a British accent on top of that Haughty Hottiness. Bloody hell, how has this been on film for the last ten years? How many times have I watched Road Trip and Father of the Bride II, yet have not seen this until tonight?

Thank god I'm drinking Pinot Noir and not Chardonnay, because otherwise I would officially BE Bridget Jones.

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