Monday, September 26, 2005

i should know you

We're waiting outside the recording studio in Old Town for the boys to show up. It's a steroetype, but it's true: women are just better at getting places. We're also good at exchanging chitchat about lesbian bridal expo-browsing and stolen purses. Doing this, we saw a middle-aged couple walking up the street with two beautiful dogs, one a black labradoodle with white toes. Oh so cute.

We naturally stop talking and start petting, totally ignoring the actual owners until Helen looked at the husband and said "Wait, I should know you," as if she was saying "Wait, I should pick up the dry-cleaning." He kind of smiled and replied "Maybe..." The rest of us were so busy cooing over the dogs that Helen finally poked Sarah in the shoulder and exclaimed "You should know him!"

The couple eventually tore their dogs away and headed down the street. "But," Helen said by way of goodbye, "I know I should know you."

The man smiled a familiar crinkly smile. "Maybe," he replied, "because I'm the governor?"

Yep. It was Mark Warner. Our group issued a collective "Ooooohhhhh" as they walked towards King Street. And this is why I'd never make it on the Hill or K Street-- I'm having too much fun petting his dogs to recognize him, much less lobby for anything more than "Yousuchacutepuppy! Yesyouare! Yesyouare!"

I also accidentally wandered into the pro-war "protest" yesterday, but left as soon as it became clear that G. Gordon Liddy's shiny head was sadly out of kickball range. It was pretty funny, though-- there couldn't have been more than five hundred people, tops. Visiting middle schoolers waiting for their buses outside Air and Space had more energy than the "protestors."