Wednesday, September 21, 2005

picture it

if forced to articulate my worst (nonviolent) sexual nightmare, i would probably say "making out with a gay man. for two hours. with five other women standing over us and singing a song about how unattractive and gross i am."

oh, do bear in mind, this is taking place in a church. and that it will be for the next three months. eventually, in front of a paying audience

and, that it is in fact COMPLETELY REAL AND NOT A NIGHTMARE.

i know i was looking for hobbies and all, but THIS IS NOT WHAT I HAD IN MIND. do you think the director would mind if i hid a flask under the pillow?


alex! said...

nice blog.

and jack daniel's should do the trick.

Jen said...

She's tall enought to be your mother..

E-dub said...

I love how your nightmare is my sexual fantasy!!!! Keep the bad dreams coming :)