Tuesday, October 25, 2005

ay carumba

Um, how did I become a member of the Mexican Young Professionals Society? I'm suddenly getting all these Evites in Spanish. V. confusing.

Caught Nicole Kidman filming yesterday when I got off the Metro at Foggy Bottom. She is indeed beautiful... beautiful like the Stepford-robot wives in her crappy remake. She's so Botoxed she's got James van der Beek Forehead going on:

See?? You could project movies on those noggins!

I have my first actual sports injury! Pulled right hamstring from slipsliding into second base during kickball finals. Is it silly that I'm crazy proud of this?

It. Needs. To. Stop. Raining. Now.

I need to not do my reading for class in Starbucks. While working on Sunday morning I couldn't figure out why this woman kept giving me dirty looks until I realized they were directed not at me, but at my beat-up copy of George Nash's The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945. I agree, OK? McCarthy was bad!

Look, it's really great that M.I.A is getting exposure and shit, but come on. Is it already time for her to sell out for a Honda Civic commercial? This is exactly what happened with John Mayer in 2000. One minute he's a nice singer-songwriter whose pleasant music worked with all moods and backgrounds, and the next minute a freshman from your floor is calling you to say "Omigod, I'm waiting in line in a hotel lobby to blow John Mayer! This is the coolest thing EVER!"

Three days until New York. Ten days until opening. Four weeks until I can go out again. Five if you don't count a Midwestern Lutheran bridal shower as "out."

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