Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Here's a fun game! Identify which of the following quotes are George Bush talking about Harriet Miers and which are Tom Cruise talking about Katie Holmes:

1) "I could go on and on."

2) "People ask me and I’m going to be honest about it. She’s such a good person and so genuine.”

3) "I will forever with this woman be jumping on couches, dancing on tables and hanging from chandeliers.”

4) "I know her character. She's a woman of principle and deep conviction."

5) “It’s just like, 'Huh? Wow, man. Wow. I was looking at her (and thinking), ‘Man, you are so cool.’"

6) "She shares my philosophy that judges should strictly interpret the laws and the Constitution of the United States and not legislate from the bench."

7) "I want to celebrate her, she's a very special woman."

8) "A pit bull in size 6 shoes."

9) "I picked the best person I could find."

10) "I'm really, really, really happy, and I can't contain it. And I'm not going to pretend."

11) "I know her well enough that twenty years from now, she'll be the same person."

Answers: 1) Bush, 2) Cruise, 3) Cruise, 4) Bush, 5) Cruise, 6) Bush, 7) Cruise, 8) Bush, 9) Bush, 10) Cruise, 11) Bush

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