Thursday, October 20, 2005

i promise this is the last post about my underwear for at least a week

Exchange with Blake, our star and my bedfellow, at last night's rehearsal:

EJ: "Do you mind if I leave my skirt on tonight? Because there isn't a comforter on that bed yet and I really don't feel okay just sitting in my underwear in a church."

Blake: "So I'll be up there in my boxers and you'll be fully clothed? Is that what you're saying?"

EJ: "No! I'll just still have my skirt on and...[weakly gestures towards lovely camisole which covers all manner of sins and is actually less revealing than most of my going-out tops]... OK, fine. But can we please make the bed first? I really don't feel comfortable up there with nothing to cover my ass."

Harlene, our costume designer, interjecting: "But sweetie, it's not you up there-- it's APRIL."

EJ: "Why does that not make me feel better?"

Blake: "Because that's Jesus staring down at you from the stained glass window."

EJ: "And he's PISSED."

And later, when the bed was made and Blake and I were under the most flimsy Ikea bedspread ever made:

Blake: "Stick your feet out! Curl your toes!"

EJ: "Oh my God, are you thrusting in time to the music?!?!"

We open in two weeks.


redonhead said...

November 19, I am so there. Tickets reserved and calendar marked. Can't wait.

Paulo said...

Paulo loves you.