Wednesday, February 01, 2006

scenes from quizzo

Scene 1

Player 1: Is it just me, or has Bush not said anything of actual substance in 20 minutes?

Player 2: "TERRORISTS BAD. AMERICA GOOD." [pause] Anyone wanna do shots?

Scene 2

Player 1: So [Player 3] and I were talking upstairs-

Player 3: And we were thinking: what if Kevin Federline were, like, the ultimate practical joke?

Player 1: Yeah! Like he's actually some artsy dude with black plastic glasses who decided to drop out of Tisch and play the most phenomenal prank on a thoroughly jaded public. And "PapaZao" is really a test of just how far he can take the joke before we all catch on!

Player 3: No, that'd totally be thesis quality. They'd give a PhD for a project that was so involved as to include actual offspring.

Player 1: Y'all ain't ready for my post-post-postmodern irony!

Scene 3

Player 4: I feel like one of these articles comes out at least once a year.

Player 1: [reading aloud from article] "'It’s not like, Oh, I’m going to hit on her now. It’s just kind of like, you come up to a friend, you grab their ass,' she explains. 'It’s just, like, our way of saying hello.'" Oh, [Player 5] I'm so sorry I didn't finger you on the way in! I still love you, don't worry.

Player 5: No worries, we'll catch up later.


I-66 said...

I made a concentrated effort not to politicize myself last night.

...and now that I think about it, that statement's begging to be dirty.

And has anyone asked any Portuguese peeps if popazao or whatever is an actual word? I'm brimming with questions right now.

Hey Pretty said...

you forgot the part where player six said "gee I hope so." that was the highlight of my day before getting drunk on really bad white wine became the highlight of my day.

Marci (aka Baby Banana) said...

Please explore a Federline thesis, to which an actual PhD would be award for a sufficient defense. This has got to be a plausible explanation

ejtakeslife said...

I just realized I misspelled "Popozao" in the post. I'm actually pretty glad I didn't initially know the correct spelling. Maybe I still have a bit of functioning gray matter after all.