Wednesday, March 15, 2006

apparently you can't say "douchebag" in the washington post

Thank you, Metro Express! You have no idea how it brightens my morning when I flip past actual news to the Blog Log and my own words are peeping up at me (especially on 40 degree mornings when I left my heels at the office and have to wear flipflops for the commute). I (and the Intern Hata) really appreciate the mention.

But what really blows my mind is when there are two pre-8 AM suprises relating to the Metro. Linda Cropp was doing a meet and greet outside the Eastern Market Metro this morning. Now, normally I care enough about DC politics as I do soap operas... mildly diverting if I have a severe fever and a lot of time on my hands, but otherwise way too messy to follow. And at least on soap operas, the people involved are fun to look at.

But I've done Metro meet and greets with candidates before and I know they suck. Most GOTV efforts suck, but anything involving the candidate herself is extra high pressure on the poor staffers. And GOTV especially sucks when it's unexpectedly cold and you're surrounded by crabby commuters occupied with envy of their New York compatriots who get to bring coffee on the subway. So I smiled and shook her hand, and even deigned to take a flier. It could have been a lot worse, after all. If Lyndon LaRouche ever tries to ask for my vote before I have Starbucks in my system (or for that matter, if he just ever tries to ask for my vote) I am not responsible for any damage that may occur.

Hope to see you all tonight at Happy Hour!


InternHata said...

Word up and well done, yo. My roomie is right--how lucky CAN one girl get with the Express mentions? Let's hope people finally start submitting all types of horror stories. Thanks for the name drop again. :)

Dr James Orin Incandenza said...

Wow, I share Eastern Market Metro with a certified bloggebrity now. Enjoyed the post and the Post's post and the target of the post. SCHhhh... That was pretty postmodern.

Teddy said...


You should bring Sadie over to play sometime.

ejtakeslife said...

Teddy, Sadie would love to play! But until you get a little more meat on your bones, maybe we should wait. Sadie is what we politely call "big boned."

Anonymous said...


It was quite a pleasure to see you at the happy hour last night. I, too, am a veteran of the elite circle of Express mentions. :) Soon we shall reveal the secret handshake to the uninitiated. :)