Friday, March 17, 2006

SOME people have st. patrick's day and their alma mater playing Duke this weekend

So, SOME people were going to guestblog for me today, but SOME people got way too busy with their brackets and alcohol consumption (right, like I'm actually going to believe you were working today). I apologize for SOME people, and hope that you weren't waiting with bated breath for SOME people to tell a really disturbing yet hysterical story involving a Chinese massage parlor.

Since I don't plan to be sober for the next 58 hours, I'll instead leave you with last year's account of St. Patrick's Day. It's a little more terse than accurately reflecting the fun I had, but I wrote it before I met this brutally hot Irish construction worker on O'Connell Street. Ladies, if you're ever talking with a guy and ask him "so how many tattoos do you have?" and he has to pause to tally... go home with him. Seriously. Don't say I never taught you anything.


Rhinestone Cowgirl said...

Oh, now THAT is awesome.

Dong ding dong diiiiiiiiiiiing....

Martin said...

One of my favorite lines of conversation usually involves having to tell interested women that I have considerably more tattoos than can be visibly seen, but they can't be shown in mixed company.

The results--well, they never get old. ;)