Wednesday, March 29, 2006

who knew celebrities swearing would be so cool?

This is fantastic. I mean, wouldn't you like to live in a nation where state-sponsored television advertises its programmes by having their actors recite their favorite cuss words (and where by spelling it "programmes" one is using proper grammar and not being a wanker)? That is a relationship to entertainment I can get behind, unlike that of a nation that spends its days downloading wmv. of Scott Stapp being blown by groupies yet two years after the fact still reflexively cringes at the thought of JANET JACKSON'S NIPPLE OH THE SWEET HUMANITY OF IT ALL.

Janel Maloney, I've never seen this side of you before. I like it! And Zach Braff... lovely. To think we had you cast as a one-trick pony after Garden State.

And this is very NSFW, as was discovered when I was hooking up my new speakers today. Hey, the woman who shares my wall spends all day BOOMING about expense reports. In my office, when we get loud we mix it up.

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Jen said...

Fucking brilliant. I love this so much. Goddamn puritans.