Monday, June 05, 2006

followed by...

So funnily enough, it turns out that eight hours of tequila consumption followed by a predawn 5K, followed by Five Guys, followed by a five hour nap, followed by a bout of insomnia so great it keeps you up to 6 AM watching season one of Footballers Wive$ on DVD while planning your dream 'round-the-world backpacking trip with your little sister (also inflicted with insomnia, but of the physics-exam-induced type)...

...well, it turns out to lead to some pretty messed-up dreams.

And how was your weekend, friend?

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I-66 said...


Someone else uses "funnily." I am practically giggling right now.

Uh. I drank a lot and went to a United game and still haven't fully regained my voice (about 90%). No tequila though. Good thing.