Wednesday, October 04, 2006

the lesbian feminists with their abortions made him do it

I cannot WAIT to see how much more dirt the press can get on Foley, because there is no way that even these revolting IMs are the end of it. Keep digging. Trust me on this.

Although, it's really nice to know that Republican congressmen have such strong, decisive opinions on the whole "bare-handed versus lotion" debate. No flip-flopping there! No siree, this here is DECISIVE LEADERSHIP. Those wishy-washy liberals would probably equivocate their way into no cybersex at all!

Watching Foley, Hastert, the NRCC and the White House attempt to rein this in, I wonder if perhaps the Republican party has turned over their damage control operations to a freshman Political Communication seminar as a "Welcome to Washington" project. Since there's no way to spin the Republican leadership covering up one of their congressman soliciting sex from teenage boys whom he supervised in a professional capacity while holding up a floor vote, they're just try throwing out random phrases from the culture wars to try to distract from the incredible perviness of it all. It was the booze! The liberal atmosphere perpetuated by queer-loving Democrats! The priest touched him forty years ago and we're only going to hear about it now, and yes he accepts total responsibility DID I MENTION THAT A PRIEST TOUCHED HIM FORTY YEARS AGO?!?!?!?!?!! LOOOOOK, it's SHIIIIIIINY!


And exactly when is the FBI going to be done "examining the messages they've obtained so far?" Because from what ABC has posted online, I wouldn't exactly take "Mark has absolutely agreed on his own and with our counsel not to do anything with any computer, not to delete any messages, not to obliterate or attempt to obliterate any IMs, e-mails, Internet communications," and wrap myself in it to stay warm at night.


Anonymous said...

I know! I read the first three pages of the IM and then had to quit. Made me sick, and I don't believe his "I never had sexual relations with that child" bs for one second.

Keep digging, the hole always gets deeper. I feel so bad for those kids, and the people in that district. I mean who screws the pages? Isn't that what the interns are for?

sparkles anonymous! said...


This is SO my favorite commentary on the Foley thing. Hail EJ! :D

E :) said...

I agree with sparkles - great commentary!