Tuesday, November 07, 2006

britney spears: political prognosicator

Does anyone else feel that Britney Spears filing for divorce is a really, really good omen for the election results tonight? There's a sense in the air of rolling up sleeves and cleaning up after big mistakes, mistakes that EVERYONE KNEW FROM THE BEGINNING were terrible ideas and bad and costly and would make you have two babies in fourteen months with a D-list David Silver and invade a nation that did not at all pose a direct threat to our safety thus getting America involved in a hugely unpopular and costly war that makes the rest of the world hate us and, like, appear on Dateline looking like something Pa dragged out from under the '78 Buick LeSabre propped on cinderblocks in front of the trailer park.

It's all very "waking up from our long national nightmare."


S said...

ej. brilliant observation. my feeling is that sometime around 9pm, tim russert will throw his dry erase boards across the studio and yell - "the gods of regret have spoken! down with republicans! and bad rappers! americans have realized it's OK to make a few bad decisions, as embodied by britney's long-overdue dumping of that slimy slimo."

could be wrong, but i have a hunch.

Dixie said...

This is the best thing I've read all day! Brilliant!