Monday, January 29, 2007

or a pony. i always wanted a pony.

I've been so busy over the last month, I'd forgotten it's almost my birthday until my mother called last week and asked if I'd email her an Amazon wishlist. Specifically, she said "If I don't have it in my inbox there's no way I'll remember to buy you anything." Oh, how my heart sings at such warm, maternal sentiments.

So what should I ask for? I know what I want, but for some reason Amazon doesn't have a listing for "fistful of cash." Amazon really doesn't have any of the other things I'm considering asking for, which include but are not limited to:

- Tap dancing lessons

- For my father to go another 30 days without having major surgery

- A plane ticket to Austin or San Francisco for vacation this spring

- A case of El Mawby champagne

- An effortlessly perfect score on the GRE, which I am taking in three weeks

- Mothereffing inspiration, because damn, I haven't thought of anything remotely decent to blog about in, oh, foreverish



Hey Pretty said...

Whatever you do, do NOT ask for a pony. I sarcastically asked for a pony for my 23rd and what did I get from my dad? I f*ckin stuffed pony from FAO Schwartz.

I-66 said...

Yeah, see I was going to pony up (har har) and get you Barbaro, but, well...

Libberash said...

Great redesign! I would actually ask for tap lessons, I think that would be a great gift. Well that, and for your dad not to have surgery.