Wednesday, January 17, 2007

putting the "ok"

To those of you who have emailed, called, IMed, whatevered, thank you for your kind words for me and for my dad. I wish that I was capable of focusing only on the good that comes from people like you; people who take time from their day to wish someone well even if the recipient of those good wishes is a stranger. It is a lovely thing you do, and I am so thankful for it.

Other things I am thankful for since I arrived in central Michigan earlier this week:

That Dad seems to be doing okayish, and that he agreed to be brutally honest with me the second he is not feeling okayish because after the events of last week he maybe has finally realized that he does not have to be the valedictorian of gallbladder surgery as well as heart surgery, because, well, at this point it would just be bragging. Right?

Snow. I had not seen snow until today. The SHAME, people. The SHAME. I used to wake a half hour early from October to March so that I could scrape off my windshield before going to first period, slogging out into the driveway in the dark because of course the parents' cars got the garage slots. And now I am not seeing snow until the middle of January? What of my roots? Have I become a wimpy Mid-Atlantic urban soul so quickly that I seriously have to ask which is better, to salt a driveway before or after the nighttime freeze? I am one missed snowball fight away from no longer being able to lay claim to a Michigan heritage here, friends.

24. Yes, I know 24 is awesome. I will watch 24. I said, I will watch it. I said, soon. Look, I work a full-time job and go to school and my Netflix queue is very full already, mkay? I will get on it, when I get the time. But yes, that premiere was excellent. Especially the last ten minutes of Hour 4. Yes, yes, very good. What, you want me to watch The Wire, too? Okay. No, not right now. Look, I will watch it when I watch it.

Playing gin with my Daddy, only to later realize I'd accidentally been cheating the entire time. Well, look, he didn't remind me that the runs have to be in the same suit, okay? I mean come on, I haven't played a card game that didn't involve waterfalls of Miller Lite since like 1999.


E :) said...

Yay! You seem to be doing better and I'm glad your Dad is at least "okayish" because it's better than he was before. I will continue to send you and your Dad good thoughts. I hope all is back to normal soon.

Hey Pretty said...

Glad he's doing "okayish" too--wish it were better tho'. Sorry I skipped out early on Saturday. Grandma was having music volume issues.

Law-Rah said...

I cannot believe he let you get away with different suits! Glad he (and you) are doing better.

Kimberly said...

Glad your dad is somewhat on the mend. I'm thinking of you and sending you good thoughts!