Sunday, April 01, 2007

the joys and woes of second wave gentrifiers

I have some earth-shatteringly shocking news that is going to TOTALLY ROCK YOUR SOCKS.

Moving. Blows.

And frankly, because my washing machine started leaking all over my hardwood floors TWO HOURS AFTER I MOVED IN, I am not very big on homeownership right now.

I am, however, very, very big on the following things:

- The huge flat screen TV I got off Craigslist for fifty bucks, and the good people at the CW who someone knew at 11:00 last night that I badly needed to have Wet Hot American Summer playing in the background while I bailed out the washing machine with a tupperware container.

- The fact that two other people on my floor also have cats and that apparently this is a "no pets building" the same way that Ryan Seacrest is a symbol of heterosexual virility.

- Friends who help with moving when there is absolutely nothing in it for them save the joy of keeping me sane.

- The enormous bucket of Cluck U chicken and biscuits currently sitting on my kitchen counter between two boxes, one marked "Booze" and the other marked "Non-tacky Picture Frames."


Lisa! said...

Congrats on the Move! That's super huge. As someone who moved thrice last year, I know that friends who help you move when there is nothing in it for them (except, like, crappy lunch and unabashed love) happen to be the best ever. Congrats again!

The View from Dupont said...

Good luck with the washer and all of that... yay for friends who helped you move! Congrats on it all - from the sound of it all ready (Cluck U, boxes just begging to be unpacked...) it's totally worth it :)

Shelly said...

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Lillian said...

Yay! Congrats on the move and owning your own place--washer and all, it's awesome. :) Well done!

(And really, Wet Hot American of the funniest movies ever.)