Friday, June 15, 2007

i get by with a little help from my friends

I was in the kitchen cooking spicy asparagus stir fry and salmon with wasabi pea crust when I heard Kristi howling with laughter from my couch. When I poked my head out the cutout window I saw that she was flipping through my saved programs on the DVR.

"Em," she asked me "exactly how many episodes of The Wonder Years do you have here?"

Even though she is a dear friend and I know she would not judge me, I just couldn't admit out loud that before I went to Ohio last weekend I deleted at least seven more episodes to make room for the Tony Awards. Because to vocalize it, to allow the words to exit my mouth and hang in the air and become part of the fabric of the universe, would inexorably establish that I am one Talbots pantsuit away from turning into my mother.


Kristin said...

Let me get this straight, you deleted 7 episodes of The Wonder Years to make way for the Tony Awards?

That made my day.

Jen said...

The Tony Awards were so worth it, though! Huzzah for Spring Awakening.

Flenker said...

Now come one, The Wonder Years was a vital part of my younger days, there is no need to feel shame from having a season or two on the DVR. I'm jealous of it.

Ryane said...

hahahahahahahaha. That is really funny...I wouldn't have wanted to admit that out loud, either, but doesn't writing it in your blog sorta start that whole process anyway?? ;-)

Katie said...

Oh,'re all growns up. Miss you! Love your blogs. I read them all the time. You better not say anything bad about me. ~ Katie