Wednesday, June 06, 2007

i will stop making fun of other peoples' life choices when it stops being funny

"This girl I know and her fiance aren't moving in together until after the wedding."

"As in, they're keeping separate apartments until the wedding night? Because then the Baby Jesus won't know they have the sex?"

"Yup. And they even live in the same neighborhood."

"That's ridiculous. People still do this? I mean, tradition is nice and all, but why not just dig a big hole and throw dollars down it?"

"Well, she's a second-year associate and he's a lawyer, too. They can afford it."

"But what a silly thing to spend extra money on. If I had that salary and wanted to waste it on something useless I'd get something really impractical and have it encrusted with diamonds."

"Like a diamond-encrusted PONY."

"A diamond-encrusted pony with ROCKETS."

"Yes! Diamond rocket ponies are a waste of money I can get behind."


Kristin said...

I could definitely get behind diamond rocket ponies.

Eric said...

Well the diamonds might be a tad frivolous, but a rocket pony actually seems like a totally practical use of ones hard earned money.

Big Sky Girl said...

This is why I read EJ. Who else would give me diamond encrusted rocket ponies?

Flenker said...

I really don't know if I'd get behind a diamond rocket pony. First off, there's the chance that there might be some diamond pony poop, and then there's the exhaust from the rockets. It may be too dangerous to be behind such a creation. But I'll gladly stand off to the side, out of harm's way.

Jason said...

If you got behind a rocket pony, wouldn't it burn your face off?

Ryane said...

Oh, I dunno...there is something charmingly appealing about their decision. (I know, I'm a sap...).

But on the other hand, if I had a diamond-encrusted rocket pony, I could probably get rid of my car, and use the money I am not spending on gas to buy cool shoes.

Ashley said...

Diamond rocket ponies? Awesome. But what's more awesome? That YOU, yes YOU can own a FULL SIZE bronze cheetah for the low, low price of $3,000!

H said...

I want a diamond-encrusted rocket pony. Imagine pulling up to the valet at a trendy nightclub with a diamond-encrusted rocket pony. Beats the hell out of the Mercedes, I'd say.