Wednesday, September 12, 2007

first impressions

On my first night of class, I announced to the class that I thought the notion of informal empire was like porn.

I elucidated reasons. Everyone has a different definition for what constitutes one but they know it when they see it, the mere notion of them elicits strong emotions in audiences, and they will exist as long as there is free market capitalism.

But still. For the rest of the semester I will be The Girl Who Compared an Economic Dimension of Foreign Relations to Porn.


Kristin said...

You rock.

Ashley said...

hahahahah. only you. i will now call you "the girl who compares things to porn and then tells the world about it on her blog."

Big Sky Girl said...

Honey, I think that is insightful verging on brilliant. They may call you the porn girl but deep down their wishing that they had come up with it. ;-)

Steve™ said...

I once compared post war Vietnam to the WNBA.
It was not a popular position for a mostly female American Politics course.

EJ Takes Life said...

Steve, inquiring minds want to know more details on this comparison!

Steve™ said...

Some things a male college student blocks out with a pretty solid success rate, and pissing off an entire class of female college students is one of them.
But I think it had something to do with overblown expectations. A few people thought it'd be a disaster, a few people thought it had to happen, blah blah blah.
I think prejudice was in there somewhere?