Thursday, October 04, 2007

multiple choice

Peter Bjorn and John are the Hipster 2007 Version of...
a) the Spin Doctors
b) Deep Blue Something
c) Semisonic
d) all of the above

Michigan's mediocre playing this is season is because...
a) Chad Henne is a thoroughly mediocre QB
b) Lloyd Carr is... done
c) Shakey Jake died and sucked all the goodness out of Ann Arbor

Me going as Justin Bobby for Halloween would be...
a) utterly stupid
b) fabulous,but no one will get it
c) fabulous, and a very good barometer for who I should be friends with because people who think they are too good for The Hills are no fun at all.
d) fabulous, because all i need is a hoodie flannel with the sleeves cut off and an oversize beret. plus i'll actually be comfortable while every other girl is DC is squeezed into a too-small corset going as a slutty devil or slutty pirate or slutty WASA meter reader.

Colors of booties I should buy include...
a) black leather spats
b) gray slouchy suede
c) booties? are you kidding me? when did you become such a trend whore? stop being such a poser.
d) bright blue Victorian with jeweled buttons. hell, you're doing something that will be out in three months. do it up right.

The role of the Amateur Athletic Union in 1930s isolationist foreign policy was...
a) surprisingly large, particularly given the retrospective significance of Jesse Owens' role in the historical narrative of American triumphalism and disproving Nazi eugenics in the 1936 Olympics.
b) overstated, as minor official personnel strove to override top-down projections of isolationist policy and use the body as an entree for formal policy-related interactions.
c) brain is full. cannot do any more history. am going to watch Gossip Girls.


Michael J. West said...

people who think they are too good for The Hills are no fun at all

What about people who paint with a broader brush and think they're too good for MTV, period?

Hey Pretty said...

I will be even prouder to be your friend if your halloween costume doesn't involve being a "slutty-fill-in-the-blank."

Covering up with layers of flannel shirts and thermals is the new Catholic School Girl/Librian/Cat Woman. And since I never really outgrew grunge, I have lots for you to borrow if needed.

Steve™ said...

The answer to everything was 'B', right? Right?

Sparkles Anon! said...

My favorite costume ever was in fifth grade.

I was an outhouse.

I am amazing.