Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the planning for urban orphan thanksgiving 2008 starts now

This is a drawing my cousin's son did on Thanksgiving. It shows me at the top of the "Kids" section.

It, and my father's cornbread stuffing, were pretty much the highlights of the holiday. Not that the holiday or the 20+ character family reunion were in and of themselves awful, any more so than any single 25-year old woman's Thanksgiving in rural Indiana. It was more what happened after my plane left on Saturday that has left me wondering exactly when my family became one of those families who has to deal with crap that we were only supposed to see on blurry late-night reruns of COPS. We were not supposed to be one of those families.

I don't know yet if or how I'll ever write about the news my grandfather's wife dumped on the family after I left on Saturday morning. Suffice it to say that it was bad, and it was very good that I wasn't there when she called this particular family meeting, because my response since finding out about it has employed a vocabulary that would most certainly not be welcome at the kids' table.

I hope that you all had a very lovely Thanksgiving, and that the worst thing you had to deal with was your mother loudly sighing that she wishes you'd find a nice boy/girlfriend. I miss when that was the worst part of my Thanksgiving.


Aspau-bloggera said...

oh god what happenned???

whatever it was, i hope everything goes ok.

I-66 said...

I was previously unaware that one could have parole officers in several states.

The worst I had to deal with was over-competitive family members during a game of Catch Phrase. I mean, it was uncomfortable, but you've got me lapped. Mark Spitz against Stephen Hawking lapped.

Hey Pretty said...

I had to deal with a depressive divorce for most of the day, but he cheered right up when the peking duck we ordered from city lights arrived. i'm telling you--take out chinese and dvds is the way to go on thanksgiving.