Friday, June 17, 2005

Oprah says I should keep a Happy Journal

  • How the first three emails in my personal account this morning were Evites. Rooftop parties with semistrangers are what makes living in a city great. Urm, and the museums, too. Yeah.
  • Starr and I have been dating for over two months and have yet to see a movie together. This will be remedied on Friday, and then continued on Saturday's movie marathon. The fun thing about this period of dating is that you know one anothers' friends, stories and basic likes/dislikes, yet have a great deal still to share. In that spirit, we're having a "this is my favorite movie ever/omigod how can you not have seen this movie/you are so watching this movie right now" weekend. Do you think I can make him watch The Way We Were if I bring over a six-pack of Stella?
  • How a perpetual snit I was in with a Very Important Friend seems infinitely better. Am not 100% sure of why, but it makes life seem happier and sunnier.
  • CNN had a headline that included the words "virus-laden poo."
  • I have managed to go out three nights this week and STILL watch eight episodes of Dawson's Creek on TiVo. And Pacey is just starting to fall in love with Joey.
  • Speaking of my girl, how the TomKat Clearly Heterosexual and Entirely Real True Definitely Not Fake Sexy Lusting Passion Together Forever Engagement has delighted me so much, I'm not even sad that I forgot to TiVo the PWT wedding of Britney and Cletus Federline. Of course, I'm still proud of my girl Brit-Brit. They said the worst thing she could do was have her own reality show on UPN and once again she proved the haters wrong: the worst thing she could do was have her own reality show on UPN be a spectacular failure. That'll show 'em, y'all!
  • Wonderful, wonderful music. Great concerts over the last nine days. Even better, it will be a loooong time before I battle 6PM traffic to Columbia again.
  • That it's no longer 89 bajillion degrees Fahrenheit, and I can actually walk from my back door to the Metro in the morning without requiring a second shower. I know, enjoy it while it lasts, EJ.

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