Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Guess this means I have to buy a microwave after all

I started to write a really long, angry post about what a cowardly piece of crap you are, the things I will not miss the least little bit about you, and how I can't believe how much time I wasted someone who would treat me this way.

I couldn't get into it, though, and more importantly, you don't have that kind of power over me. You never did. And even if you had come close, I know now that you're so not worth it.

I'm pretty willing to bet that you don't even feel badly about the way you handled it. Suit yourself. Just know that people who are this immature and selfish are cut out of my life. Done. I can be really ruthlessly efficient like that. You say you want to stay in my life?

No. The End.


Why on God's green Earth would He choose to make TODAY the day my prom date IMs me in a "I'm getting married in four days" panic? Was I a serial killer in a previous life?


Kimberly said...

Posting this on behalf of the formerly aggrieved roomie...

"Hi there--

You don't know me, but I'm one of Kim's best friends and I think she told you about my horrible breakup about 6 months ago. Anyways, she sent me the link to your blog and it sounds like a very similar thing happened to you. I just wanted to tell you that I totally know how you're feeling and reiterate (as I'm sure you already know) that anybody who would treat you like that is totally not worthy of you, and it's good that at least you found out what type of person this individual is sooner rather than later. I know it totally sucks at first and you're probably hurt and pissed beyond belief, but eventually you'll get to the stage where this assh*le is not much more than a distant memory. So, I'm sorry that this happened to you (because I don't think either of us deserved what we got in the end), but just hang in there. And next time I visit Kim in DC we should all definitely hang out and have some sort of ritualistic bonfire to destroy any and all remnants of the
selfish, immature, unworthy males who used to be part of our lives.
On to bigger and better! :-) -Jenna

ejtakeslife said...

Jenna-- Since I don't have your email this is the best way I can respond to you, but please know that I feel so lucky to have girls like you on my side! Thank you so much for all you great words and encouragement. Next time you're in DC, drinks are on me for being such a great girl-in-solidarity!

Ashlee said...

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