Thursday, July 28, 2005

Yes I said Yes, I mean it really, Yes

Thanks to everybody who emailed/IMed/called, and I promise, I'm really doing fine. I was not doing so fine yesterday because I spent too much time on Tuesday with many good friends, chief among them Mr. Absolut. Apparently that fellow has missed me a great deal this summer (I've been hanging out with my fair-weather friend Sir Sam Adams Summer Ale quite a bit), because he welcomed me back with the kind of enthusiam usually reserved for soldiers returning from war.

Now that I am capable of holding my head upright without wanting to vomit, it's crazy busy around these parts. I've spent the last couple of weeks designing a new publication that will go out today. It's a big deal and involves many super-complicated web design elements I've never used before, so hopefully all will go well and I won't have to spend the next two weeks replying to angry sociology professors wondering what the hell I've sent them.

The new oven is finally being installed today, or at least is supposed to be. Let's hope all works out, because for some reason I volunteered to throw a dinner party tomorrow night. My Domestic Goddess side made me do it... without an oven or microwave, I've kept her firmly under wraps as I consume a never-ending succession of soup, hot dogs and Chicken Kee Mao from the truly excellent Thai place on 7th. If all goes according to plan, I will be more than making up for it on Friday. Check it out.

That said, I make a mean hot dog too.

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