Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Am clearly getting antsy with this blog. Am thinking I may have to ditch Blogger entirely. It may be free, but I'm beginning to think Typepad is worth the five bucks a month to have something somewhat unique.

In the meanwhile, I spent the day catching up on reading at Murky and stalking Matt Damon and Robert DeNiro. Yes kids, the crew from The Good Shepherd was filming a mere four blocks from my house all day and yours truly did some truly stellar gawking. Sadly I missed DeNiro, though Beds got herself the stank eye when she had the nerve to Blackberry in front of his trailer. Lucky wench. I also couldn't quite muster the nerve of the paparazzi on 5th Street (or my fellow gawkers with camera-phones) to actually snap a picture of Matt Damon himself, but we did indeed see him. He's just as pretty as can be. Here are some of the photos I did manage to take:

From what I gather, the film is a period history of the C.I.A. This means extras dressed in fedoras and trench coats and streets filled with fantastic vintage cars. DC police and the movie crew cleared four blocks on the Hill and filled them with these antique autos. We watched them drive around in circles for hours as we strained for a glimpse of a trenchcoat-clad Billy Crudup.

Though we never saw Billy Crudup (or Angelina Jolie), we did catch glimpses of Matt Damon running a scene on this amazing vintage bus. It took maybe three passes down the street before we realized that THAT was where they were actually filming, as opposed to the streets filled with vintage-clad extras.

Oh, and the PA had a cute butt, dontcha think?

All the cool kids hang out at craft services.

I debated trying to snatch one of the The Good Shepherd directors chairs, but figured I'd already given up enough dignity for one day by chasing after a bus containing movie stars for a good ninety minutes.

This extra was great. The PAs had to block off the first ten feet of sidewalk so nothing non-movie would get in the shot. The second this woman walked out of the scene she would start doing the Charleston or a little jig, all done up in her dainty early-sixties hat and sensible shoes.

The clothes were fantastic. We all agreed men need to start wearing hats again. I would wear pantyhose every day if I could constantly see men in fedoras.

Nicole Kidman is filming at GW on the 24th-- I promise to get even better photos of her movie. Hopefully by then, I'll have a decent website to put them on.

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