Wednesday, October 12, 2005

'dentity crisis

Blogger, despite your best efforts and my total lack of HTML skillz... I WIN. Minor changes are still in store, but for now, this blog is looking much more like something I would be proud to advertise as my own creation.

You'll notice I'm officially EJ Takes Life now instead of Urban Fantasy, so please update your links accordingly. This change was a long time coming. One, it's my URL. Two, I'm getting really tired of having my sitemeter filled by adult entertainment enthusiasts searching for "(Insert Noun) Fantasy." And finally, the concept of Urban Fantasy is simply too universal to be my little blog. Ironically, Urban Fantasy itself is like porn: you can't necessarily describe it, but you know it when you see it. Walking home from Eastern Market last Saturday, listening to the Kings of Convenience on my iPod with a loaf of French bread sticking out of my Actor's Studio tote bag is Urban Fantasy. Telling my mother last night how the theme from All Things Considered on NPR always reminds me of early childhood-- very Urban Fantasy. I think you get the idea.

And we're not talking about the fact that I skipped Quizzo and Afterparty to mess around with my blog. That is not Urban Fantasy, but it is EJ Taking Life, one CSS tag at a time.

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I-66 said...

diggin the changes, diggin the banner, feelin the flow...