Monday, November 28, 2005

disavowing all knowledge

What's that you say? There are two entries missing? Two entries that describe certain individuals in accurate-but-less-than-flattering terms?

There. Are you happy? I'm not. I don't particularly appreciate being censored, especially when the odds of said individuals stumbling across this site are comparable to odds of said individual's spouse leaving all money to Hillary for President 2008. Well, it wouldn't be the holiday season without carefully reasoned guilt that makes me feel like a petulant child.

And remember, DAD, I know when you're reading. It's called a "sitemeter." You are well advised not to return.


Libberash said...
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Libberash said...

I totally had to lay the smackdown on my rents' visits as well. I told them they would be emailed posts when and if I deemed it appropriate. Silly parents, blogs are for kids!

Lindsay said...

For what it's worth, I really liked those entries...laughed my ass off...ah, holidays with the family!

- Lindsay (<--- who also has to self-censor, because mom, and mom's friends, occasionally drop by to read)