Monday, November 21, 2005

what i will do with all of my free time now that the show is done

* Really miss everyone from Company. You guys are so fantastic, and I had the best time working with you.

* See people again. I know, right? Such a novel concept.

* Actually do the reading for class before the day OF class.

* Write a 3000-word paper entitled "In Defense of the Middlebrow." Remind me again why I'm not doing this full-time?

* Host my office holiday party.

* Spend an overlarge amount of time scouring for ambitious recipes for said office holiday party.

* End up beating head into wall after two hours of buttering ramekins for individual chocolate molten cakes while simultaneously vacuuming stray cat hairs, wondering why ever agreed to host said office holiday party.

* Go back to Michigan to eat turkey, banter with extended family members, throw a bridal shower and see Garrison Keillor.

* See Rent, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Walk the Line, The Family Stone, Brokeback Mountain, Memoirs of a Geisha, Capote, Good Night and Good Luck and Pride and Prejudice.

* Figure how the hell my new TiVo hooks up.

* Read Are Men Necessary? and bitch about Maureen Dowd to all my girlfriends while being secretly afraid that she may be right.

* Renegotiate my salary.

* Make full use of my gym membership.

* Sleep.

* Audition for another show? I know, right?


Jen said...

Oh man... I want to see every single movie on that list. Except HP4, of course, because I saw that opening night. It's fantastic! Full of sexiness and drama! Oh, puberty.

But what the hell, nyynyixp? What?

I-66 said...

want to renegotiate my salary for me while you're at it? I could use a little something for the effort.

Kathryn Is So Over said...

You've been called out!

ejtakeslife said...

I'm amending my list:

* Attend DC Blogger Happy Hour!

Thanks for the call-out. I'll try to tote along Blog Me, Baby : )