Wednesday, December 07, 2005

daisy wouldn't take life, either

Dear TBS,

No one wants to see Daisy Does America. The promotions for it are so unfunny that they actually make people squirm. Please inform Daisy and the Cox Arquettes that no one has made a "who let the dogs out" joke since spring 2001 and they weren't funny then. Is Daisy herself actually that bad, that millennium-era VH1-quality humor is the best she can muster, or is Courteney Cox Arquette actually that poor a producer?

Also, please stop running ads for this show during my PG-13 reruns of Sex and the City. It is NOT the perfect show to follow Sex and the City, and I resent your insinuations that Daisy's painful shtick is in any way comparable to the considerable talents of Sarah Jessica Parker. Based on what I've seen of Daisy, even Kristin Davis could eat that girl for breakfast with a side of quiche.

Moreover, I already watch this television program on HBO, where it is called Da Ali G Show and it is actually funny.

Oh, and please find some new films for rainy Sunday afternoons. We've all seen Stepmom approximately eleventy grillion times now.

Your friend,



I-66 said...

Ooooh... said with venom.

I wasn't even aware of the production of it until reading this. For once I'm glad I was kept in the dark.

sidenote: Should not David Arquette have taken the Cox name? I mean, is there any question who wears the pants?

ejtakeslife said...

Okay maybe I was a bit harsh, but OH! I am sick of these ads. And you are so right, David should have taken the Cox, too... oh wait... teehee.

Hey Pretty said...

Agreed. Why is it okay for a British woman to make fun of American culture no matter how trailer-trashy that culture may somehow be? Smacks of an incredible level of elitism that I find to be mean-spirited.

I-66 said...

what's to say he hasn't?


btw: I might like an event reminder (e-mail if you like) that may or may not have been discussed at happy hour...

Sharkbait said...

I completely second everything you said.

COME ON!!! Not even close to Sex in the City. She is embarassing and I really hope she lasts less than one season. It doesn't even look funny!!

ARGH. The ads make me want to throw the tv out the window!