Thursday, December 08, 2005

run! i see a FLAKE!

One of the (few) benefits of a northern Michigan upbringing is weather cred. I can't be all badass like the kids who actually grew up east of 8 Mile, but I DO get to make fun of Washingtonians who go apeshit at the first sign of snow. Quoth the NBC4 website:

"Storm Center4 meteorologist Tom Kierein said the storm is approaching from the west and could hit D.C. as early as 9 p.m. Thursday.

Some areas south of Washington will see a mix of snow and rain, Kierein said. But the area around the District could get anywhere from 2-4 inches of snow, mixed with rain. And Kierein said areas north of the city will see all snow and should expect anywhere from 3-6 inches.

A winter storm warning means severe winter weather conditions are expected. Significant amounts of snow are forecast that will make travel dangerous.

Officials say motorists should keep an extra flashlight, food and water inside vehicles in case of an emergency.

Thursday night's low will be about 25 degrees."


Yeah, you could stock your car with food, a flare gun and a tire iron for beating away all the zombies emerging from the sewers as Hell freezes over. Or, y'know, you could just pilfer packets of hot cocoa from the office break room and put on a sweatshirt when you get home tonight.

After all, here in Washington we try our best to be levelheaded and not overreact to anything.


Sub Girl said...

unrelated, but i read brokeback mountain on the metro. almost cried. great story.

Rhinestone Cowgirl said...

You may laugh, but snow days were the BEST around here when I was growing up. During my sophomore year of high school, we didn't have a complete week of school between Thanksgiving and March. Winter exams were cancelled. How can you not love that?

ejtakeslife said...

SG- So glad you loved it! I can't wait for next weekend when we finally get the movie.

RC- That's fantastic! Laughter, in this case, totally also comes from utter jealousy-- my school district used 9 inches and/or windchill of -10 as its cutting off points.

I-66 said...

Are you condoning stealing?

...I'll be right back... I need to um, go to Best Buy...

Jen said...

You guys are so lame. It was 2° yesterday, and we've gotten 5 inches of snow in the past THREE HOURS.

I'm looking forward to being home next to a fire snuggling with the cat, though. Finals need to end now.

Libberash said...

YES, thank you! Someone had to point out how freaking pathetic this is. I have seen offices empty at at the mere mention of an approaching winter storm. Toughen up people! Snow builds character.