Tuesday, May 16, 2006

stay away from the light, denny!

Dear Shondra Rimes,

I love you! I hate you! I can't reconcile my feelings towards you because you do things like give me Denny and then you go and kill him in the most awful way possible for everyone involved, myself included!

And then you do things like bring me Chris O'Donnell. Do we need to talk about my crush on Chris O'Donnell? Okey-dokey. I have passionately lusted after Chris O'Donnell since the age of ELEVEN, before I really even knew what passion or lust were. Looking back it was extremely inappropriate for someone of that age to have such a reaction to black rubber, but he was still so boyish and wholesome it was somehow okay.


But then you do things like making Meredith have elbowy, pointy sex with McDreamy at the prom and now she has to choose and Burke got shot and Denny is dead and George still has a subpar haircut and you insist upon slapping so much makeup on the beautiful Sara Ramirez that she looks like a tranny hooker and it's just all much to take!

God, I love your show. Don't ever change. Have a great summer!

Your friend,


PS: Please, please make Ellen Pompeo eat a meatball sub. Like, every day. She looks like hell. Seriously, eating disorder cautionary tale.


Law-Rah said...

They are good. For about 1hr and 55 minutes, they made me mad at every person at Seattle Grace. In the last 5 minutes, they spun me around so much that I loved everyone. Almost. Still hate Meredith. Bitch.

Tyler said...

I completely agree! Total love - hate relationship with the writing. It's so good.

Hey Pretty said...

How fabulous was Alex last night--swallowing all of his anger over Izzy leaving him for the heart patient, only to have the heart patient die, for Izzy to freak out, and for Alex to be there for her without casting any judgements. I know he's an ass, by man, I love him. McDreamy on the other hand, I am growing tired of.

mysterygirl! said...

That's a fabulous letter-- pointy elbow sex for everyone! I still choose McDreamy over Chris O'Donnell, despite both my childhood crush on C O'D and the fact that the Meredith/Derek storyline does seem to be playing itself out.

Marci (aka Baby Banana) said...

Oh I totally pick McDreamy over McVet too mysterygirl! God, I have such a hard on for Dempsey. Now with the hair pulling, it's done. He's my new BF.

And you are so right about the tranny look, they do that with Girl Shepherd too. She was so pretty last night sans all the heavy makeup.

ejtakeslife said...

Gah! I'd almost forgot about Alex suddenly being wonderful. So distracted by the Demps and Robin and DENNY'S GRIN and bleeding Burke and George's continually awful hair that I nearly forgot all about Alex's sudden wonderfulness. Thanks for the reminder, HP!

Jennifer Coomer said...

I cried. I yelled at the tv. I cried again. I laughed. Seriously with the meatball sub. She needs to wash it down with some whole milk.

carolbean said...

oh no you din't. black rubber. BLACK RUBBER.

i really wish i watched more television.