Monday, October 30, 2006


What. The. Hell.

Why would Nabisco do this? Why would they take the most perfect snack food in the world, Reduced-Fat Wheat Thins-- that sweet, salty, rib-stickingly delicious nourishment of the angels-- and ruin it by sticking Rachael Ray's stupid face all over the box? I have made my feelings about Rachael Ray VERY CLEAR and so can only assume that Nabisco wants me to feel conflicted and cry. That is the only explanation.

It was bad enough when I opened my new InStyle to find a six-page spread on her perfect New York loft, and it was really bad when I started coveting her kitchen (those tiles would look so good on my backsplash!). But this... this is completely unacceptable. I do not want to see that smarmy, annoying catch phrase-spouting, criminally undertipping face anywhere NEAR my most favoritest snack food ever. Nabisco, I will "Yum-O!" your ASS. No, I don't know exactly know what I mean by that and realize that I don't exactly have a plan for how I will do that, since the most damaging thing I could do would be to not buy Reduced-Fat Wheat Thins and that is so not an option, but know that I am NOT HAPPY WITH YOU.

And her recipe for Mexican Poblano Bean Dip looks like barfed poop.

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