Thursday, October 26, 2006

your tax dollars at work

Imagine my surprise when I found this little gem of an email waiting for me when I got out of my meeting this afternoon:

You submitted an application for vacancy 050298: Writer-Editor, GS-1082-11. Although we greatly appreciate your interest in this position, ultimately another candidate was selected.

Again, we appreciate your interest in employment with the Library Of Congress.

Yes, I did submit an application for this position. IN DECEMBER OF 2005.

Good thing I wasn't holding my breath there.

Though to be fair, the Library of Congress is very, very busy making sure their employees are properly equipped with Glow Sticks in case of a terrorist attack. Probably HR was diverted from processing job applications because the Library needed them to distribute anti-aircraft disco balls.


I-66 said...

Should we be concerned that the Library of Congress are a bunch of liars? I mean c'mon...

"Although we greatly appreciate your interest in this position..."

Greatly appreciate does not equal 10 months of waiting.

LIARS! All of them!

E :) said...

Apart from the fact that it is a beautiful place, I hate working at LoC. Most of the librarians and security staff are rude and beyond unhelpful. In some cases they try to inhibit your research.

Boy the stories I could tell you about that place. You're too good to work there!

Anonymous said...

I love it when you get rejections for jobs you'd forgotten you'd applied for. Don't even bother with the rejection at that point. I reject you first!

lin said...