Monday, November 20, 2006

i now pronounce you shorty and wife

The dress was unquestionably lovely. And yes, she is scrunched down so that they're eye to eye, but I am also a tall girl who has dated not-so-tall men, and I understand The Scrunch that tall girls do for photos with their shorter men.

But why does Kat(i)e Holmes Cruise have my hair from after I go to the gym?


E :) said...

It's a mullet. Ugh.

Ivy said...

Tommmmmay is totes wearing lifts in his shoes, too. He looks like an ass.

I am indeed staying at the YoHo, as my options were pretty limited and it looked the best (the only other city with fewer hostels seems to be Geneva). I'm trying to decide between the SoM tour, and taking the bus to Eagle's Nest... my semi-wierd German boyfriend from home is really pressing me to go see a concentration camp (creepy? yes?), but its not fitting into my itinerary very well, so maybe the Hitler Hideout will satisfy? Eeeeep.

sparkles anonymous! said...

I still can't figure out what those weird little fuzzy things are on Katie's forehead - bangs? If so, tremendously ill advised.

Skyqueen said...

Bahhhhh!!! That's a good question! What gives?! I liked the bit on the Late Show when he paned out to show her whole dress and you see Tom on a milk crate!