Saturday, November 25, 2006

home, where my thoughts are sleeping

So perhaps I should have tried NaBloPoMo another time. Another time when there would not be five days in the woods, stealing the neighbor's already-weak wireless signal and then being called away because the compost needs to be taken out and will someone please cut up the turkey carcass and come on, everyone, let's head into town because Santa is lighting the Christmas tree at 6:00!

Distractions + unfulfilled good intentions = the holiday season.

It's been 98% loveliness, with the remaining 2% actually being incredibly entertaining in retrospect, but there is a definite pall cast by my dad's upcoming surgery. My mother the planner is constantly repeating the itinerary for December over and over, asking my sister questions about her finals schedule that she has already answered several times. Everyone is being very hearty and Midwestern about the whole thing ("he's fine! he's going to be fine! who wants more ham?!"), but it's major surgery with a long recovery period and it is not the kind of thing where we can all just swallow and ignore it, like we do when certain individuals in the family make loud and completely unsolicited remarks about Asians not being very good drivers.

Oh, but one unexpected yet totally welcome consequence of the collective worry over my father's surgery? No one has given me any grief whatsoever about being single! Heaven bless us, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, darlin!! (on getting out without the marriage questions). If anyone says 'why aren't you married' my favorite response is - 'why aren't you thin?'

See ya back in DC!

I-66 said...

My Thanksgiving culminated in my mother trying to (for the 2nd time) set me up on a blind date with her Korean acupuncturist. Really I would've rather gagged myself on the wide end of a cake spatula than have that conversation again.

Jeff Simmermon said...

Nice. I never get the 'why aren't you single,' myself, but I do get tons of unsolicited health/fitness/career advice that falls squarely into the "do as I say, not as I do" category.