Tuesday, June 26, 2007

everything's bigger in texas (except my vacation plans)

Interweb people, I need your help. I will be in Austin for (yet another) wedding this weekend and am looking for some fun things to do in my too-short time there. Austinist has been a big help, but you lovely people are so very smart and well-traveled I'm sure you have your own suggestions. I'll have about four hours to myself on Friday afternoon and will then be with my dad and his brother from through the Saturday evening wedding until our respective flights home Sunday afternoon. Specifically, I'm looking for recommendations for:

- Barbecue

- Live music, preferably some really excellent country and honky-tonk stuff. My family takes bluegrass very seriously, if that helps you at all. I already checked Stubbs' website and sadly no one is playing while we're in town.

- Unusual museums. I enjoy a good traditional museum as much as the next gal, but am still regretting that while in Wichita last weekend we chose the art museum instead of the Hopalong Cassidy Museum.

- Any farmers markets, shopping districts, excellent antique marts

- A place to buy cowboy boots

Please, please leave any suggestions and recommendation in the comments section!


Flenker said...

A friend of mine lives in Austin (as will I in a couple of months), but I'll ask him about his favorite places. I know he has a couple of barbecue spots he likes to hit. Hope you have an awesome time there!

Mr. Anthrope said...

I am so jealous. If I ever move west of the Mississippi again, it will either be to Austin or San Antonio.