Thursday, August 09, 2007

Datelab Appetizer

Friends—in addition to not being at all recovered from Lollapalooza, I’m majorly hurting for content. Unless you really want to read all about my work, or about the Mormon historiography paper that is currently occupying every brain cell not wrapped up in work, I don’t got much for you. So here’s a guest-post from my buddy G, who has volunteered for something very cool and is willing to share his (unedited) reaction to the whole thing here on EJ Takes Life.

Hello, there, I am EJ's friend, G. On the advice of two friends, including EJ, I signed up for the Washington Post's "Datelab." Datelab is the Post Magazine's foray into the world of dating, setting up two perfect strangers on a blind date (usually matching them by thoroughly superficial criteria), and then interviewing them the next day and the next week, and publishing the post-mortem reports. Few of these dates end as unmitigated successes, but I have seen few disasters so far. With just a little push, I signed up.

The questionnaire contained some of the normal questions (What do you do on the weekends? Are you an axe murderer?), as well as some questions for which I was unable to supply any remarkably clever answers. They seem to cherry pick which questions get published along with the couples every week, so I just hope that creative editing doesn't make me look like a total buffoon. My date is tonight at a restaurant with good reviews and an interesting menu in Bethesda, so we will see how it goes tonight. Having just exited a multi-month relationship, I haven't been single or been on a first date since January, so worst case scenario would be I get a free meal and a story out of this... unless my date says awful things about me that then get published in the Post.

I probably should have thought this through a little better.


Readers—any last-minute advice for G? Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to get G’s report of the meal, the girl, and how it feels to converse with someone knowing she’ll be giving a reporter a ranking of your dating skills.


recovering overachiever said...

Not to discourage, but usually everyone just ends up having no chemistry.
That said, just have fun. Maybe she'll be someone you could hang out with from time-to-time and (better yet) she might have other single friends you could meet.

Kristin said...

Have fun. Enjoy the dinner. Don't decide to take up axe murdering between now and then. Other than that, though, I've got nothing.

rock_ninja said...

I would actually be interested in hearing about that Mormon historiography paper.

The sad thing is, I'm not being facetious.

Steve™ said...

I've found that women enjoy it when you drink yourself stupid as quickly as possible.