Friday, August 10, 2007

in which love tries to entertain and miserably fails

DateLab Update: G says he's swamped at work today and won't have time to post his account of his Washington Post Datelab date until tonight or tomorrow. I think he's just tired from a long night of making his date feel beautiful. But thank you to those of you who posted your dating advice. So far as I know, G neither got smashingly drunk or attempted to slay the waiter with an axe. I, however, have done one of these on a first date before. I'll leave you to guess which one.

In other dating and relationship news, I finally got around to watching the American remake of The Last Kiss last night. It happened to be on HBO after I crawled home, thoroughly spent after my scary Mormon history presentation. In a nutshell:

- I am officially completely and totally over Zach Braff. Not only was he woefully miscast, but he clearly identifies way too much with the worst aspects of this character. Of which there are many.

- Italian people can scream and yell and throw things and it's totally okay. However, it's not okay when Americans do the exact same things in the exact same scenarios. We social scientists call that "culture."

- I still love the song "Chocolate" enough to not resent its inclusion in this film. But just barely.

- This movie made me want to crawl into bed alone and pull the covers over my head and whimper all night. Which is pretty much what happened, only with additional guilt that I was more upset and depressed by The Last Kiss than by Saving Private Ryan.


Hey Pretty said...

I can't decide if it's a good thing or not that I was truely concerned about Date Lab guy and how his evening went.

And can I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU re: the last kiss? We all know my thoughts on ZB, but I am sooo happy to hear an intelligent, cultured person confirm for me that it completely blew.

Libberash said...

That movie seems to provoke that response in lots of women I know. I think it's like the modern woman's nightmare scenario. When you are awesome, cool, grown-up and beautiful and you think you've found the same in a mate until he cheats for no reason with the Town McSlut. It's tragic really.

Zach Braff is only able to redeem himself in my book by not having fled from Scrubs after Garden State was a hit. Think of all the fun we would have lost?

PhotoBug Chick said...

I am in the same boat as HP.

Anxiously awaiting!! :-)